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820-2530, No Green Light


No green light on the magsafe.
Doesn’t power on from battery.
Missing the 3v on pin5 of magsafe connector.
Found short on L6995.
Injected 2v from an external supply to the system side of L6995.
Used a thermal imager camera to look for hot spots.
Short isolated to u7000. Short gone after removing it.
Machine still has no green light.
No pp3v42 with battery only. With charger there is pp3v42.
U7000 is not getting its suply on pin2 (charger DC_in). Problem isolated to defective d7010.
Machine now has green light but doesn’t power on.
Replaced u7000 again. Machine now powers on with a non-genuine apple charger but not with the genuine one.
Found that the board never powers on from the battery.
D6905 seems defective as it doesn’t output the total voltage across it.
Replaced d6905 and board now turns on from the battery. Also turns on from the charger and charges the battery.
Board ready to go.

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October 12, 2014