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820-00165, Not starting


Board has green/orange light but doesn’t start.
Tried seeing if it’d turn on from the battery and shorting the smc_onoff pad to ground and it didn’t.
SMC bypass doesn’t work neither.
Got 3.42 (pm_g2_en) on pin 1 of r5198.
Got pp3v3_s5 on L7560.
No 3.3v on pin2 (S4_PWR_EN) of R8115.
No 3.3v on pin2 (pm_slp_s5) of r1460.
Got 3.3v on pin2 (S5_PWRGD) of r8141.
Noticed that pin1 (PM_DSW_PWRGD) of R1451 was pulsing around 1v.
Reflowed the SMC with plenty of flux…and the board started working normally. Now I had steady 3v on r1451.
Board ready to go after testing.

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March 8, 2016