About Us
Repair prices are customized according to your business while maintaining quality and turn around time. Furthermore we have a no-fix no-fee warranty.
Quick turn around
In most cases, repaired logic boards, will be ready to send back within 3-5 days from receiving.This depends on the history of the board and the particular problem.
Good warranty
Our repairs are usually guaranteed for 6 months, depending on the history of the board and the particular case. In most cases the warranty covers the whole board, not only the job we did.
High success rate
We have above 85% success rate on board repairs from virgin-non dropped devices without extensive liquid damage.
Repairs for repair centers
Who we are
ALRC is an electronic lab located in Zephyrhills Florida. We specialize in component level repair of Apple Mac computer logic boards.
Our Customers
Our customers are majorly apple computer repair-resell shops or individuals that ship their defective logic boards to us for repair. We have customers through out the USA, Australia and Europe.
Advanced Repairs
We perform BGA chips replacement, pad repair, trace repair, liquid damage repair, charred spot repair, internal short repair..If it’s fixable we can do it.
Watch our Intro Video
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